Well-defined and proven methodology

IFS Applications is an enterprise solution consisting of integrated components with functionality that spans manufacturing, financials, service management, asset and maintenance management, supply chain management, and numerous other business-critical functions. With this breadth of functionality as well as solutions for mobility and business intelligence, it can be tempting to bundle all of a version’s functional enhancements into an upgrade. This broadens the scope of the project.

As part of its streamlined approach to upgrades, IFS recommends being selective about which new functions to deploy. This result in a streamlined, lower-cost “technical upgrade” that brings over all the user’s key functions to the new version, and gets them running smoothly. The technical upgrade can be followed by simpler upgrades to bring on functional enhancements in the new version. 

The streamlined approach can be thought of as an “Industrialized” upgrade in that it simplifies and standardizes challenges in the same sense that industrial companies approach product development or operations. Few manufacturers would seek to build every component themselves from scratch, or insist on having their own power generation to run operations, as this would add complexity. Instead, the industrialized approach is to make use of what is standard and reliable, and layer innovation on top of this foundation.

IFS Uprade´s three phases

To reduce upgrade complexity, IFS’s industrial upgrade approach has narrowed the upgrade process. There are three phases in the new process: 

  • Establish and test of the technical upgrade.
  • Rehearse of the “go live” under a detailed plan.
  • Go live of the upgrade with cut over to a production environment. 
Each phase will be described in more detail, but simply put, the new upgrade process is about narrowing down the scope and complexity to make upgrades easier and cheaper.

"We did an efficient upgrade for 14 countries in 6 months by having a focused scope control and an active management together with a strong commitment from IFS."

Dan Jensen, ERP Manager at Axis Communications.