Sniezka leverages IFS Applications for process manufacturing ERP

Sniezka Paints and Varnishes Plant S.A. was established as a local paint and thinner manufacturer in the mid-1980s. As Sniezka grew, its unintegrated legacy systems proved insufficient. Reporting was extremely time-consuming, no up-to-date inventory status was available, and goods sometimes got accumulated, which made it difficult to identify them. Therefore, senior management decided to buy an integrated ERP solution that would cover all the operational areas of the company. After analyzing a number of offers, Sniezka chose IFS Applications, the only system that could solve all the resource planning problems encountered by the company. At the same time its agility ensured efficient support for Sniezka’s future operations. With IFS Applications™ Sniezka improved its customer service, gained faster access to more accurate information and streamlined workflows. Orders are completed much faster, and reporting and analysis are greatly enhanced.

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