Immediate ROI and peace of mind for Roxtec

Roxtec is the leading manufacturer of pipe sealing systems used worldwide to protect life and assets and to ensure safety and operational reliability in critical industries including offshore oil and gas, infrastructure, power and process industries. An IFS customer since 1999, Roxtec upgraded its instance of IFS enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and moved to the IFS Managed Cloud service—primarily to better operate globally across its 26 global subsidiaries.

  • With IFS Managed Cloud, Roxtec has streamlined compliance with local legislation across its multi-company operation
  • IFS Global Extension, the company can quickly add new country-specific requirements for a country or region
  • IFS ERP software is now available to Roxtec users in 6 countries all with a globally-assured service level agreement (SLA)
  • Upgrading has enabled Roxtec to retire 80-90 software customizations

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Cloud-Based ERP Software Provides Immediate ROI and Peace of Mind for Roxtec