IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) trend report

The IFS EAM Trend Report presents a unique insight into current and future developments within the EAM market.

The results reflect an urgent need to increase productivity, optimize plant conditions, and minimize downtime while meeting sustainability goals. At the same time, competitive market conditions necessitate strict cost controls while adhering to health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Attaining these objectives becomes even more complicated due to a lack of transparency and collaboration, poor documentation, and limited access to data and knowledge. This is where EAM technology matters most. This report offers the latest insights to inspire maintenance and asset management professionals to use their challenges to fuel positive change and digital transformation.

Around 430 asset managers worldwide participated across industries, supplemented by interviews with leading industry experts including AVEVA, Reliabilityweb, and IFS. It also discusses new developments being incorporated into EAM software, including AI. The result is a detailed overview of trends based on extensive market research.

Learn more about:

  • The most important KPIs that your peers are using
  • Future trends that have an impact on your organization
  • Emerging technologies to gain a competitive advantage
  • How your EAM can contribute strategically to your organization’s long-term goals
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