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Challenger - globalny magazyn poświęcony działalności IFS

A Global Magazine for the IFS Ecosystem

Niedawno wprowadzony globalny magazyn dla klientów IFS, o trafnym tytule „CHALLENGER”, zawiera aktualności na temat firmy IFS oraz jej partnerów i klientów. CHALLENGER to wyjątkowy magazyn z atrakcyjną szatą graficzną, zawierający krótkie i średniej długości artykuły na temat produktów, branży i biznesu.

OUT NOW: Challenger - Issue H2 2019

The latest issue of CHALLENGER features an exclusive interview with the one and only Tony Hawk, plus a wide selection of coverage from the IFS World Conference 2019 in Boston. From a product perspective, IFS’ Chief Digital & Information Officer Sal Laher shares IFS’ own implementation journey and we reveal to you the new IFS Success and Select services for customers.


Challenger - Issue H1 2019

The first edition of CHALLENGER explores what it means to be a ‘challenger’ in an interview with IFS’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Jane Keith, as well as providing all the coverage and insights you need for the IFS World Conference 2019, including an interview with customer Shawcor. On a more product orientated front, Christian Pedersen, IFS’s Chief Product Officer, guides us forward with The IFS Solution Vision Statement and we also take a look at Three Cloud-Based Enterprise Software Myths, by IFS’s VP for Cloud Planning Operations Raymond Jones.


Are you an IFS partner?

We are keen to include your customer stories and to spread the word of your relationship with IFS. Reach out to to find out how you can be a part of the next issue of CHALLENGER.