Novitium Q-Sulting

The Novitium Association is a single-contact, dynamic and innovative ERP & ICT solutions provider of affordable business and process optimization services. We aimed at empowering the client to become more efficient, proactive and profitable. These services are provided at all levels to meet the client's requirements.

The areas of main expertise of the consultants at Novitium Q-Sulting are as follows:

  • General, Business & Strategic Management
  • Project & Program Management
  • Application Development
  • Services & Operations Management
  • ERP Deployment & Support
  • Reporting & Data Mining
  • Data Migrations
  • SQL Database Development, Support and Recovery

ERP Support (Services): ERP support – Finance, Project Management & Costing, Cash Flow & Turnover Management, Engineering Management, Production Engineering, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Shop Floor Control & Scanning.

Qnet Server (Product): Silverlight application and SSRS & Crystal reporting solution.

Novi-time (Product): Java PC client and Web services for Timesheet capturing to projects and invoicing to Customers.

SQL DBA Functions (Services): SQL DBA functions on all SQL database versions including Disaster Recovery, housekeeping on Log files, integrations between databases & data mining.

Reporting (Services): Excel, Crystal, SSRS (SQL) & MS Access

Novitium aims to provide solutions and support in the following areas of expertise that is available:

  • ERP Deployment
  • Production, Inventory & Procurement Management
  • Project Management & Project Costing
  • Enterprise Asset Management & Asset Tracking
  • Business/Process analysis, Engineering and Configuration management
  • Integrations between systems and Interfacing between systems/platforms
  • Software Testing, Training & Support
  • SQL Database Design, Administration and Support
  • .NET Software Development and Report Writing (Data Mining - Crystal Reports, SSRS & MS Access)
  • Database Disaster Recovery and Business Operation Recovery

For the last 18 years, Novitium provided the above services to various clients in the Defence industry; mainly running on MS SQL databases, Qmuzik ERP solutions, and other software products. Other services also provided to our primary customer SAAB Grintek Defence (SGD) were ERP upgrades, mergers and consolidations on a technical database level as well as on a management level. SGD has been a customer of Novitium Q-Sulting since 1999 (SGD was formed during a merger of SAAB Avitronics, Logtronics, SAAB Systems Grintek, SAAB Grids & SAAB Grintek that all ran separate ERP systems & solutions) and recently moved to an IFS ERP platform. Years of experience on an operational level, knowledge of most business processes and trust were gained from this relationship with our now mutual customer.

IFS gained a partner through Novitium that promotes its products and solutions while IFS also have the assurance that it’s knowledge and experience base is growing through this relationship.


  • Authorized

Type of Partner:

  • Services
  • Referral


  • South Africa


  • Przemysł kapitałochłonny
  • Lotnictwo i obrona
  • Zaawansowane technologie
  • Produkcja przemysłowa


  • Zarządzanie majątkiem przedsiębiorstwa (EAM)
  • Zarządzanie zasobami przedsiębiorstwa (ERP)
  • Zarządzanie projektami przedsiębiorstwa (EPM)
  • Zarządzanie relacjami z klientami (CRM)
  • Zarządzanie łańcuchem dostaw (SCM)
  • GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance)
  • IFS Applications