IFS has the tools to make service a growth driver for your business

Get the service mix right for your business

IFS understands that for companies focused on water delivery and treatment, managing service applications is no easy task. With an incredibly diverse set of service types, skills needed, and a mix of salaried and contracted service workers, getting optimization right is paramount to mitigating costs and ensuring that every area of your business runs at optimum capacity.

Fortunately, IFS has your back. Download this factsheet to learn more about:

  • The technologies that IFS puts at your disposal to deliver exception service, whatever the scenario.
  • What benefits IFS can deliver your service practice, from better SLA hit rates to more effective technician utilization to seamless management of contingent and salaried labor.
  • What our customers have been able to achieve in service in support of their business goals, and their customers. 

Informacje o pliku: Factsheet,   pdf   1,2 MB