Advanced air mobility: Whitepaper

Powering the future of flight

AAM is a hugely transformative movement for the defense and commercial aviation sectors. The benefits are vast, the developments inevitable and symbiotic, and software is essential to support these developments every step of the way—from AAM equipment design to manufacturing, operations, and maintenance. The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) movement is growing at pace across both the defense and commercial aviation landscapes—but each segment is at different stages of maturity.

The journey to an AAM-driven future will require supporting software to fully unlock this potential. While defense and commercial aviation adoption is moving at different speeds across the two sectors—the characteristics and capabilities required of the supporting software are strikingly similar.

In this white paper we look at the progress of AAM, firstly in defense and secondly in commercial aviation. These sectors may be moving forward at different paces, but there is striking similarity in the breadth of functionality required to manufacture, operate, maintain and sustain AAM assets in both defense and commercial aviation environments.

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