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Annual Report 2018

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2018 Annual Update

Year to date (January - December 2018)

  • License revenue amounted to USD 133 million ('17: USD 109 million),
    an increase of 22 percent.
  • Maintenance revenue was USD 189 million ('17: USD 167 million),
    an improvement of 13 percent.
  • Consulting revenue amounted to USD 219 million ('17: USD 200 million),
    an increase of 10 percent.
  • Cloud and SaaS revenue was USD 60 million ('17: USD 15 million),
    an increase of 300 percent.
  • Other revenue was USD 6 million ('17: USD 2 million),
    an increase of 200 percent.
  • Net revenue totaled USD 606 million (‘17: USD 494 million),
    an increase of 23 percent.

Fiscal year 2018 press release

Since I joined IFS in early 2018, I’ve seen the entire company rally around our vision for a future guided by our customers.

IFS has been on a mission to partner with the challenger customers of the world. Challengers are not afraid to try new approaches, new technologies, and new business models. Challengers are the companies who keep a market on its toes. IFS is for the challengers, our customers.

Throughout the last year, we installed a world-class global leadership team, we created a more globally-structured business, and we brought 5 key products to market designed to address the needs of customers in our focus industries. These are just a few of the initiatives undertaken to support the success of our customers.

Today we are announcing our financial performance for 2018, revealing the fastest total revenue growth in company history.  In fact, we outpaced industry growth 3-fold. Our cloud & SaaS revenues saw an increase of +300%, demonstrating our insistence on offering customers choice versus forced migration, was also well received. Our EBITDA increased by 27% YoY to 21%, indicating the business is stable and growing profitably.

I have no doubt: None of these results would have been possible without the trust of our 10,000+ intrepid challenger customers, and our global workforce of 3,500 people devoted to serving them.

As we move into 2019, we are continuing to invest in making our software easier to use, quicker to deploy, and with an overall TCO lower than our competitors. An ever-present commitment of ours will be to provide sensible software solutions for our valued customers.

Darren Roos

2018 Q3 Update

Third Quarter (July–September 2018)

  • License revenue amounted to SKr 268 million (Q3 '17: SKr 176 million), an increase of 52 percent (43 percent in constant currency).
  • Maintenance revenue was SKr 419 million (Q3 '17: SKr 349 million), an improvement of 12 percent in constant currency.
  • Consulting revenue amounted to SKr 468 million (Q3 '17: SKr 401 million), an increase of 9 percent in constant currency.
  • Cloud and SaaS revenue was SKr 136 million (Q3 '17: SKr 17 million), a sixfold improvement in constant currency.
  • Other revenue amounted to SKr 6 million (Q3 '17: SKr 3 million), an increase of 62 percent in constant currency.
  • Net revenue totaled SKr 1,296 million (Q3 '17: SKr 946 million), an improvement of 28 percent in constant currency.

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When I took the helm of IFS in April, I knew an incredible journey of discovery awaited me. At a packed customer event in Stockholm just this past week, I was reminded of why a technology firm built on trust and authenticity has experienced such significant growth on the foundation of our long-term client relationships.

My team and I have set the bar higher than ever over the past few months. I am proud to say we have surpassed expectations. Despite global macroeconomic headwinds, our strong Q3 results speak for themselves.

While other European firms stand at a crossroads as the details of Britain’s exit from the EU continues to be negotiated, we outpaced our competitors.

We grew our license revenue 52% YoY with 68% coming from new customers to IFS. This was achieved by providing easy to use and quick to deploy solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and service management (FSM) to our targeted industries.

We are crushing competitors in cloud services by giving customers a wider suite of solutions to choose from. This push has paid off, leading to a sixfold growth in this business and has underpinned our increase in net revenue 37% YoY.

Our confidence in the future is further reflected in our total year guidance, which is raised on the back of our strong Q3 results. Our license revenue for the full year 2018 is expected to reach 1102m SEK. That represents a growth rate year on year of 18%. We have also increased our forecasted full year profit which now represents a 28% YoY improvement.

We are not stopping there. I have made strategic appointments to the senior leadership team that will take us further, faster. Among the new hires are Chief Customer Officer Michael Ouissi and Chief Product Officer Christian Pedersen. Joining the company in November are Jane Keith, Global Head of People and Culture, and Milena Roveda, Chief Financial Officer.

Despite these changes, the company’s commitment to our core products and customers is simply unwavering. We will continue to reaffirm our standing as an industry leader in the aerospace and defense industry in addition to the field service management segment. Our pursuit of innovation through business-enabling solutions, such as the IFS IoT Business Connector, is uncompromising. Such tools allow clients to capture data that predicts, automates and analyses their processes.

We accomplished all of this in an uncertain economic environment and are only just getting started.

Looking forward to going on this ride together.

With best wishes,

Darren Roos
Chief Executive Officer

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2018 Q2 Update

Second Quarter (April–June 2018)

  • License revenue amounted to SKr 291 million (Q2 '17: SKr 216 million), an increase of 32 percent in constant currency.
  • Maintenance revenue was SKr 404 million (Q2 '17: SKr 354 million), an improvement of 11 percent in constant currency.
  • Consulting revenue amounted to SKr 473 million (Q2 '17: SKr 429 million), an increase of 8 percent in constant currency.
  • Cloud and other revenue was SKr 158 million (Q2 '17: SKr 26 million), a sixfold improvement in constant currency.
  • Net revenue totaled SKr 1,326 million (Q2 '17: SKr 1,025 million), an increase of 27 percent in constant currency.


Customer focus leads to strong growth

Thanks to the solid demand for IFS’s products and solutions, our business grew strongly in the second quarter, with license sales increasing 32 percent in constant currency. The intake of business came from both the winning of new accounts in an increasingly competitive market and from sales to our ever-growing customer base. The addition of new accounts, the high level of retention in our user base, and the remarkable growth of our cloud business resulted in our net revenue growing 27 percent in constant currency.

IFS Applications™ 10 was launched at the biggest and most successful customer event in our history: the IFS World Conference 2018 in Atlanta. The latest version of our enterprise applications suite has further increased the appeal of our product in the market and created additional interest among our customers to upgrade their systems. We also presented two new IFS Maintenix™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for the commercial aviation industry, as well as major cloud-optimized updates of our offering within field service management (FSM).

While providing our customers with ever greater choice, our network of partners extends our global reach, enables better scalability of resources, and maximizes our local connection. Combined with our customer focus, this increases our appeal and we expect to see continued positive development and further improvements to our strengths in the second half of the year.

Darren Roos


2018 Q1 Update


  • A receita com licenciamento totalizou 177 milhões de coroas suécas (1º Trimestre 2017: 171 milhões), um aumento de 5% em moeda constante.
  • A receita com manutenção foi de 382 milhões de coroas suécas (1º Trimestre 2017: 350 milhões de coroas suécas), um aumento de 11% em moeda constante.
  • A receita com consultoria totalizou 411 milhões de coroas suécas (1º Trimestre 2017: 429 milhões de coroas suécas), uma diminuição de 3% em moeda constante. 
  • A receita com cloud e outras receitas foi de 121 milhões de coroas suécas (1º Trimestre 2017: 19 milhões de coroas suécas), resultado seis vezes melhor em moeda constante.
  • A receita líquida totalizou 1.091 milhões de coroas suécas (1º Trimestre 2017: 969 milhões de coroas suécas), um aumento de 15% em moeda constante. 


É uma honra escrever meu primeiro prefácio como novo CEO da IFS. Eu me juntei a um negócio incrível, com clientes engajados, funcionários apaixonados e um enorme potencial. Não há muitas empresas no segmento de software corporativo que possam se orgulhar disso!

Os excelentes resultados do primeiro trimestre de 2018 atestam a resiliência de nossa empresa, o foco no cliente e planos ambiciosos de crescimento de longo prazo. Comprovando o sucesso de nossa estratégia, a receita líquida do trimestre aumentou 15% nesse ano, em moeda constante, enquanto a receita de implementações em nuvem de clientes cresceu seis vezes no comparativo do ano anterior. Uma proporção significativa da receita da IFS baseada em nuvem vem da nossa aquisição feita no ano passado, a WorkWave, cujos produtos são quase todos vendidos no formato de Software como Serviço (SaaS).

No segundo trimestre, as novas versões do IFS Applications e do IFS Field Service Management foram anunciadas no maior e mais bem-sucedido evento de clientes da nossa história - a IFS World Conference 2018. Esses produtos lançados, combinados a uma força de trabalho comprometida e energizada, devem impulsionar novas vendas e upgrades ao longo do ano.

Darren Roos

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