Integration Development - Setting up & Configuring Integrations

About this course

This is the second course towards gaining the IFS Certified Specialist accreditation for Integrations Developers. It enables students to cover and prepare for all of the examination specification topics for the “Setting up & Configuring Integrations” exam.


Those who need to be able to create and support new integrations in IFS Applications™.
  1. Introduce the integrations architecture of IFS Applications™ 
  2. Demonstrate configuration options for routing of messages 
  3. Demonstrate the tools and techniques of testing services 
  4. Create transformers capable of handling non-IFS messages
At the end of this course, the students will be able to: 
  • Understand the integrations architecture of IFS Applications 
  • Create or modify message routing rules 
  • Create transformers to handle non-IFS messages

Knowledge: one must be familiar with ERP software in general and the look & feel of IFS Applications. In addition, one must have a good understanding of the applicable business processes for their area of expertise. Industry experience is highly recommended. Finally, knowledge of Object Oriented Design principles with SQL, PLSQL, and JAVA languages is a must.

Courses: Middle Tier Development

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  • Integration Development




2 Days