Dalian Chengsi Technology

Dalian CHENGSI Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional IT solution provider. We are concentrating on building enterprise Information Management Systems for various industries and fields by providing high-quality and innovative solutions. CHENGSI has a perfect software development and research system for final users which can guarantee supplying high-quality services, with an excellent technical management team, innovative development model, standardized development flow and high standard production.

CHENGSI is growing up as a leader in the IT era not only depending on its precise requirement analysis, high-quality development technique, and perfect system function, but also based on its deep know-how in various industries, such as motor manufacture industry, real estate, and the finance field.

We strive to enhance our relationship with IFS by highly promoting activities for IFS Applications, to create opportunities for our clients to adequately understand what IFS Application does and the benefits it will bring.

System Development & Maintenance Services: CHENGSI focuses on software products’ development and customization over standardized system and module design. Starting from the requirements analysis phase, we strictly follow the software life cycle and integrated business philosophy. Software project specifications are followed during the software development period, and thorough tests are implemented under a high-standard quality assurance system. Our customer support is a package over training, routine maintenance, functional expanding and other related services after delivery. We offer a set of complete and stable services, including system application maintenance, data maintenance, code maintenance, human-computer system maintenance and others so as to ensure information system reliability. System performance is continually improved during system maintenance.

Infra Building Services: As an Infra platform provider, CHENGSI integrates customer's core business requirements to plan meeting infra building demands under customer’s strategic management. We provide building VPN, International IP telephone, data storage and backup, remote monitoring and other services. We aim at improving enterprise agility when facing information risk through simplifying the deployment, integrating infrastructure and accelerating IT delivery.

Call Center Management System: Call center management system (CRALiS) based on CTI and SIP technology, is a comprehensive Web Information platform which manages seat allocation of call center by calls and group settings. It is the best service solution for small and medium-sized call business.


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  • Ativo Intensivo
  • Construção e Contratação
  • Energia e Serviços Públicos
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  • EAM (Gestão de Ativos)
  • ESM (Gerenciamento de empresas de Serviço)
  • ERP (Gerenciamento de Planejamento de Empresa)
  • SCM (Gestão da Cadeia de Suprimentos)
  • CRM (Gestão de Relacionamento com Cliente)
  • IFS Applications