DNASTREAM - We Make Technology Useful.

Delivering benefit is at the heart of what DNASTREAM does. We make sure programs are well planned and executed, but equally as important, we ensure that users buy-in to the process of change and are well equipped and motivated to adopt it.

DNASTREAM is an independent consultancy that helps businesses use technology more effectively to deliver lasting benefits. Our clients trust us to be open minded and honest in identifying issues and opportunities. We ground each solution in how your business really works, offering solid advice and combining the right technologies.

We offer the following:

  • Solution Implementation
  • Business-oriented Upgrades
  • Business Change Management, including Change Readiness Assessment, Organizational Preparedness Assessment, Full Lifecycle Change Program
  • Training and End User Adoption
  • E-learning Content and Courses
  • Learning Management Platform
  • Program/Project Assurance and Recovery
  • Domain Consulting
  • Digital Transformation Based on Business Value and Outcomes
  • Business Requirement and Product Fitment Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Program Governance
  • Implementation Plan Health Check
  • Program Risk Assessment

DNASTREAM brings a key focus of the successful delivery and adoption of solutions, based on robust delivery management coupled with effective management of change within the organization to ensure readiness, drive tangible benefits and ensure sustainability for the longer term.


  • Authorized

Type of Partner:

  • Services


  • France
  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom


  • Aerospacial e Defesa
  • Ativo Intensivo
  • Energia e Serviços Públicos
  • Óleo e Gás
  • Manufatura de Processos
  • Provedores de Serviços


  • CRM (Gestão de Relacionamento com Cliente)
  • EAM (Gestão de Ativos)
  • ERP (Gerenciamento de Planejamento de Empresa)
  • ESM (Gerenciamento de empresas de Serviço)
  • IFS Applications