IFS Supply Chain - SRM & Procurement


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the SRM & Procurement functionality of IFS Supply Chain related to the IFS Applications. This is also one of the courses towards gaining the IFS Certified Practitioner accreditation for Supply Chain Consultants. It enables students to cover and prepare the SRM & Procurement specification topics for “IFS Practitioner Consultant - Supply Chain” exam.

Target Audience

Those who need to be able to identify and state the essential decisions to be made, basic data to be created and processes involved in the setting up of Procurement and SRM in support of IFS Supply Chain in IFS Applications™.

  1. Procurement process flow
  2. Basic Data for Procurement
  3. Purchase Requisitions
  4. Supplier Quotations
  5. Purchase Orders
  6. Change Management
  7. Sub Contracting
  8. Authorizations
  9. Goods receipt and quality inspection
  10. Price Management
  11. Supply Chain matrix
  12. Reports/Printouts
  13. SRM Introduction
  14. SRM basic data setup
  15. Create prospective suppliers
  16. Insert SRM info for a supplier
  17. Promote prospect to a Supplier
  18. Introduction to Business Activities
  19. Create business activities
  20. Business mail

At the end of this course, the students are able to:

  • Set-up enterprise and distribution basic data that is used in the procurement basic flows from requisition to receipt
  • Create and process a Purchase Requisition
  • Request and process a Supplier Quotation
  • Create and process a Purchase Order
  • Create and process a Purchase Change Order
  • Create and Process a Sub Contract Purchase Order
  • Perform goods receipt and quality inspection of parts
  • Set-up Authorizations in the procurement process
  • Access and modify reports such as purchase orders
  • Understand the effects of price management on the procurement process
  • Understand the parameters required to build a Supply Chain Matrix
  • Understand the process flows, and the connection of SRM with other departments
  • Demonstrate how to set-up basic data that is used in the SRM
  • Demonstrate how to enter SRM information for a supplier
  • Demonstrate how to set up a Prospect
  • Demonstrate how to how to promote a prospective supplier to a real supplier
  • Demonstrate how to create Business Activities for supplier
  • Demonstrate how to use Business Mail and Supplier 360 view

Knowledge: High-level knowledge of the Procurement and SRM business processes

Courses: IFS Applications 10 Essentials



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  • Consultants

IFS Applications Version:

  • IFS Applications 10


  • Practitioner


  • IFS Supply Chain

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Classroom - 2 days, Virtual Classroom - 4 sessions (of 4 hours)

Type of Course:

  • Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom