IFS Financials - Financial Analysis


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Financial Analysis functionality of IFS Financials related to the IFS Applications.

Target Audience

Those who need to identify and state the essential decisions to be made, basic data to be created and processes involved in the Financial Analysis in support of IFS Financials in IFS Applications™.

  1. Internal Ledger
  2. Automatic Posting Rule
  3. Transfer of Transactions
  4. Reconciliations
  5. Account Matching
  6. Bank Reconciliation
  7. Tax Ledger Reports
  8. Currency Revaluation
  9. Period Close and Year End Close
  10. Commitment Accounting
  11. Cash Flow Analysis
  12. Accounting Structures
  13. Financial Lobby

At the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how the Internal Ledger operates 
  • Set up Automatic Posting Rules 
  • View transactions from within other IFS modules
  • Transfer transactions from other IFS modules
  • Correct errors that have occurred on transactions from other IFS modules
  • Reconcile Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory and GRNI
  • Perform a Bank Reconciliation
  • Create Tax Ledger reports 
  • Update Currencies and run the Currency Revaluation
  • Create a Periodic Cost Allocation
  • Close a Period and run the Year End process
  • Demonstrate how the Consolidated Accounts process works
  • Show Commitment Accounting
  • Create a Cash Flow forecast
Knowledge: Perfect understanding of the accounts business processes.

Courses: IFS Applications 10 Essentials,  General Ledger, Accounts Payable,  Accounts Receivable


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  • Consultants

IFS Applications Version:

  • IFS Applications 10


  • IFS Financials

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Classroom - 2 days, Virtual Classroom - 3 sessions (of 4 hours)

Type of Course:

  • Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom