IFS FSM 6.0 Specialist

About this Course

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the IFS Filed Service Management application and its capabilities. The course also gains towards the IFS Certified Practitioner accreditation for FSM Consultants. It enables students to cover and prepare the topics for “IFS Practitioner Consultant - Field Service Management 6.0” exam.

Target Audience

Consultants who need to know about the IFS Field Service Management (FSM) 6.0 and how to work with it.

  1. Admin Management
  2. Mobile
  3. Portals
  4. PSO Integration
  5. Service Processes
  6. Warranty

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the IFS Enterprise Service Management solutions
  • Explain the layout of the FSM application and demonstrate how to navigate and search data in the FSM application
  • Understand the various Help features and how to personalize the user interface
  • Understanding the Core Entities including Person, Place, Contact, Model, Product, Part, Stock and get to know to setup and work with the such entities.
  • Understand the Service Process and how they work in the FSM Application
  • Understand the Reverse Logistics and Deport Repair process and get to know how its used in the FSM Application

Knowledge: Basic knowledge of the use of Windows programs, use of business software in general, basic knowledge of Service Operations business processes. 

Courses: IFS FSM Essentials.


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  • Consultants

IFS Applications Version:

  • IFS Field Service Management 6.0


  • Practitioner


  • IFS Field Service Management

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Virtual Classroom - 10 sessions (of 4 hours)

Type of Course:

  • Virtual Classroom