IFS PSO 6.0 Specialist

About this Course

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) application and its capabilities. The course also gains towards the IFS Certified Practitioner accreditation for PSO Consultants. It enables students to cover and prepare the topics for “IFS Practitioner Consultant - Planning and Scheduling Optimization 6.0” exam.

Target Audience

Consultants who need to know about the IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) 6.0 and how to work with it.

  1. PSO Advanced Resource Planner
  2. PSO Appointment Booking & Planned Maintenance
  3. PSO Travel Options
  4. PSO Analysis & Integration

At the end of this course, learners will be able to: 

  • Understand the IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) solutions
  • Understand the function and purpose of the Advanced Resource Planner and how to set up the basic data required to use the Advanced Resource Planner.
  • Understand the material management functionality in PSO
  • Understand the concept of parts and depots and their functionality in various business scheduling requirement.
  • Understand how PSO handles appointment requests and booking
  • Be aware of the appointment booking process, how it is configured and its limitations
  • Understand how PSO calculates expected travel time and appreciate the different ways in which travel time estimates can be affected by external factors.
  • Know which variation factors can be applied to the calculated travel time, to generate more accurate anticipated travel duration
  • Understand the administrative and analytical functions within PSO
  • Be able to identify and diagnose issues with the schedule
  • Understand the basic integration overview of PSO with 3rd party Enterprise applications (e.g.: IFS FSM, IFS Applications, etc.)

Knowledge: Basic knowledge of the use of Windows programs, use of business software in general, basic knowledge of Service Operations business processes.

Course: IFS PSO Essentials


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Virtual Classroom – 10 sessions (of 4 hours)

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  • Virtual Classroom