Re-Quest Inc

Founded in 2003, Re-Quest, Inc. has been successfully assisting customers around the globe for over 18 years leverage their investment in technology assets to gain higher returns on investment, lower total cost of ownership, and measurable improvement in their business processes. And Re-Quest wraps all this in a delivery model that provides for every client engagement to be 100% referenceable.

Re-Quest prides itself on the high level of business process and technical expertise it brings to every client engagement. With an average of fifteen years of solutions expertise for technical staff within the company, Re-Quest provides only the most seasoned professionals to handle the challenges of today’s everchanging technology landscape and business pressure on IT spend…namely the requirement to do significantly more with far less.

The Re-Quest business model is based upon providing customers with high value services across 4 main areas:

  • Strategic IT Services
  • System Integration Projects
  • Remote DBA and Managed Services
  • License Services

With their deep understanding of infrastructure requirements for a multitude of software platforms, Re-Quest assists customers in everything from Enterprise and Solution Architecture and hardware/software procurement, to advanced activities such as high availability architectures, database administration, and performance analysis and tuning. Re-Quest brings their “architect to Manage” methodology and mentality to every architecture engagement, making sure the recommended architecture is something that is financially responsible and realistically manageable at the end of the day.

The Re-Quest Remote DBA and Managed Services offerings – which encompass every possible approach to the outsourcing model from supporting internal DBA staff to complete lights out hosted environments and support – are designed to provide the customer with continuity from product decision to monthly maintenance. Re-Quest provides 24x7 proactive monitoring and management of SQL Server, Oracle, and a list of open-source database platforms for every size and shape customer around the globe.

Re-Quest is also a top-recognized partner in the Oracle Channel. Re-Quest partners with the Oracle Core Technology, Infrastructure and Engineered Systems and Cloud sales teams to provide a single point of contact for a customer’s Oracle needs… regardless of size. As the longest tenured Oracle partner in the Central US, Re-Quest works closely with the customer and their Oracle teams to create a strategic partnership centered on the short and long-term success of the customer’s business.

Re-Quest is also an IFS Authorized Services Partner. Re-Quest provides database and middleware architecture, implementation, application and database performance issue resolution and tuning, and most importantly Remote Managed Services to IFS customers across North America.

Type of Partner:

  • Services


  • United States