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Fourier-e is a business consulting company based on Industrial Engineering principles and discipline. We provide solution based consulting across diverse industries and provide tangible and real benefits through the application of proven methodologies, passion and a commitment to world class practices.

Our focus is on translating the business requirements and supporting strategy into resilient operations by enabling and integrating people, processes and technology in a complex world to deliver quality products/service. Through our engagement, we become partners to grow the business, maintain profitability and enhance the reputation of clients.

Fourier Approach was formed in 1998. In 2006 its business consultancy offering was taken to the market. In 2014, the business consultancy department became Fourier E Consultation Services (Pty) Ltd.

Fourier-e has 18 full time employees, of which 16 are full time Industrial Engineers, with database and process specialists making up the balance. Several engineers have post graduate qualifications in technical, financial and commercial subjects that complement our practical experience.

Support services services, including finance, sales and admin functions, are contracted from the holding company.

Fourier-e staff has been exposed to many of the industries where IFS software is installed. Our in-depth understanding of the business processes, enable us to understand the functional requirements of the software, and how it should be applied and used in the business to achieve the maximum performance.

Fourier-e has grown organically over a number of years, and has seen the value it generates through its solution based consulting for the clients and the industries that we are involved with.

Given our in depth understanding of business and technical requirements, we have proven ourselves as system integrators to diverse technologies to ensure that the business needs of our clients are supported. We are traditionally tool agnostic and believe that the ultimate goal of any software should result in sustainable value, a philosophy that has previously worked well for us.

We have however realised that by working closer and more aligned with the provider of software solutions and technologies, and by filling the gap between business and the software product, that more value in a shorter period can be can be added.

Given the growth of IFS, the modularity of the software solutions built around specific capabilities, and the proven success in industries, our goal is to learn the tool and understand its capability to deliver value to clients: our business consultancy that is based on world class engineering practices, combined with the software capability of IFS, provides the ideal platform to generate and unleash value to the benefit of the clients, Fourier-e and IFS.

Fourier-e has provided a wide variety of solution based consulting to different companies in different sectors locally in South Africa


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