Payroll Supremacy

Payroll Supremacy was formed in 2014 by Penny Smith and Carien van Dijk, with the purpose of bringing international and local corporate skills to the private small to medium business sector. A Financial Services Board (“FSB”) registered Company, AnBro Capital (Pty) Ltd was our first formal acquisition, whereby we agreed to provide a full compliance business solution (i.e. payroll, tax, accounting and labor services). As our business grew, we soon acquired formal major corporate contracts with the likes of the Sun International, First National Bank and the Palladium Group, in conjunction with our small to medium business portfolio.

Payroll Supremacy has a strong and experienced Payroll, Tax and Accounting Service Divisions to assist with every element of overall employee management and related needs, and which provides holistic employee management solutions, in line with best practice and employment’ tax legislation which we have been proven in a number of high profile engagements.

Furthermore, Payroll Supremacy specializes in fields (including but not limited to) Auditing; Labor; Retirement Planning; International Recruitment and certain Immigration Services, to name but a few. The Payroll Supremacy team’s passion lies in adding real value to their clients, and we have both the skills and experience to provide tailor-made solutions as required.

Over the years we have also worked closely with the South African Revenue Services (“SARS”) at Executive level in both legal policy and operational arenas. We believe our approach with SARS, our continuous use of robust methodologies and expertise has enhanced our reputation both from a personal as well as a technical point of view. We also have well established relationships with many of the African Revenue Authorities, especially highlighting Zambia; Nigeria; Kenya; Ghana; Lesotho; Mozambique and Botswana.

Penny Smith - Executive Director

As the founding member of Payroll Supremacy and Executive Director of Payroll Services, Penny has specialized in the setting-up, auditing, testing and managing of South African and Africa payrolls for over 40 years. She obtained a Higher Diploma in Taxation and has gained profound knowledge and experience whilst working at the South African Revenue Services and FirstRand Bank Limited.

Carien van Dijk - Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Tax Services, Carien van Dijk obtained her LLB and LLM: Taxation from the University of Pretoria. Carien joins us from FirstRand Bank Limited, where she was the Senior PAYE and TAA Specialist for 2 years, focusing on the employment and tax administration requirements of FNB and FirstRand Corporate Centre. Previously Carien formed part of the Employment Services Tax Team in PricewaterhouseCoopers – Sunninghill looking after various of big brand Companies. She is also a Tax Lecturer for Varsity College in Sandton.

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