Why work with IFS partners?

Why Work with Partners

In the last 10 years, our industry has seen massive change: consolidation, disruptive technologies, agile new entrants, revolutionary business models—and with them, new and elevated customer expectations.  As a result, IFS has become even more focused on our customers and, together with an ecosystem of expert partners, we strive to ignite growth in their business.

Our partnerships through the IFS Partner Network deliver innovative, agile and cost-effective solutions to customers to drive growth and accelerate success. That’s because IFS only partners with experts who share our customer-centric beliefs. We work with them to support customer needs worldwide, involving them in our product development and training them to the highest levels of proficiency in implementing and advising on IFS software. For us and our partners, customer success is our success.

Reduce operational expenses (OPEX)

Active partnering provides our customers with access to more interoperable solutions to ensure efficient processes, increased product functionality, reduced maintenance costs and reduced implementation risk.

Accelerate time-to-market

Interoperability between IFS solutions, business processes and third-party products is ensured through integrated testing and support with accelerated development and delivery, resulting in a faster and more efficient introduction of new revenue-generating services across our customers’ value chain.

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