IFS for Retail

– an overview of our solution and customers 

There are no shortcuts to deliver a consistent customer experience as this requires an interconnected real-time data across every touchpoint, and the touchpoints keep increasing. Even though it is possible to connect separate systems manually it is complex, costly and difficult to maintain.

And as keeping up with the pace of change has never been harder, omni-channel capabilities need to be built into your foundational platform. IFS Applications provides you with the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in the market in one agile, coherent solution.

On this page we have gathered some resources that might be helpful. For more information on our Retail solution, please visit our website.

How IFS for Retail provide you with the back-bone system to support your front-end technology, and offers product traceability throughout the value chain.

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How do you ensure a sustainable transparency throughout your supply chain? By integrating your environmental compliance software with your enterprise software, you will gain strategic, tactical and operational insight into your organization through one single platform.

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How do you connect with the omni-channel shopper? And how do you ensure that your back-end system supports your front-end technology so you can keep what you promise?

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Realized customer benefits

What benefits have our 80+ Wholesale & Retail customers experienced from their IFS Applications, here are some examples.

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