Meta Designer


This training is to give an introduction to the Meta Designer to be able to do basic meta modeling of EOI objects, its properties and object relations to other EOI objects.

Target Audience

The Meta Modeler works under direct guidelines of the Design Architect and is responsible for the Meta configurations of the business model by adding new business objects or making changes in the (Meta)-Model Engine. A Modeler is familiar in UML Class Diagrams.

The content of the training focuses on technical and practical aspects and provides the trainee with methodological backgrounds. 

  1. Meta Modeling 1
  2. Meta Modeling 2

At the end of this course, through Trainer explanation, interaction and Hands-on exercises the participants are able to:

  • Work with the IFS EOI Meta Designer Perspective
  • Explain the basic concepts of Meta Modeling
  • Follow basic IFS EOI database architectural Meta design rules and preferences

Knowledge: UML Knowledge and knowing how to structure UML class diagrams using DIA

Courses: Business Modeling 1 (Optional)

Exams: Associate level IFS EOI Fundamentals.


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  • Consultants


  • Specialist


  • IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence

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2 days