Vyncke in Harelbeke, Belgium, has been active in heating technology since 1912. It all began when blacksmith Louis Vyncke started to build steam boilers for the flax industry. Even in those days, waste from the flax industry was used to heat the boilers. Since then, Vyncke has developed into a global player in heat generation equipment based on biomass fuel. In 2008, Vyncke started to search for a partner to deliver an integrated ERP solution. The company selected IFS Applications and has since benefited from integrated information delivery and optimum reuse of project data. The fact that project data is instantly available is also helpful for the purchasing
process. As Vyncke now has insight into historic project information, it is possible to better streamline and standardize purchasing. This is especially useful for boosting efficiency. Now, for example, certain items can be ordered in larger quantities. In addition, thanks to an improved insight into the means required, Vyncke has more time to carefully select specific products. The company also succeeded in shortening development cycles. Thanks to the integrated information delivery at all locations, Vyncke is able to tune the purchasing of raw materials to the locations where the material is needed for manufacturing.

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