Powerful business intelligence is in reach with IFS’s business intelligence solution

Building your own Business Intelligence (BI) solution from scratch can be extremely expensive. From licensing BI tools to developing the proper metadata, to integrating it with an ERP package and then defining content that is meaningful to you, the development and integration costs alone can put world-class BI out of reach for many companies. IFS’ approach to BI is different. We offer a packaged integration including BI software, metadata and content that allows you to quickly and inexpensively add BI to IFS Applications, greatly compressing time to value.

The foundation of this solution is prepackaged metadata, so that data within IFS Applications readily plug and play not only with our own Microsoft-based BI solution, but with other popular BI tools.  The goal of our BI solution is to put analytical data “in context,” so the right information is available to the right people at the right time. Whether you are looking for a front-to-back BI solution or a new ERP platform that will readily integrate with your existing BI solution, IFS Applications is a cost-effective answer. For more information, view our Executive Summary on how Powerful Business Intelligence is in Reach with IFS.

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