Manage the entire project and asset lifecycle with a solution fully integrated with finance and human resources

The construction industry’s global scale highlights issues related to industry best practices, data management and collaboration among highly trained professionals. Construction companies and contractors use IFS Applications to reduce risk and better manage development lifecycles. For contractors and service providers it is an industry-based solution for long-term asset and maintenance management. Throughout the world, IFS is widely recognized as a leading provider of enterprise solutions for asset-intensive industries.

IFS Applications for Construction and Contracting manages the entire construction and asset-lifecycle project—bid, estimate, plan, engineer, procure, materials management and manufacture, build and install, commission, maintain and service, spares and supply chain, repair, refurbish and disposal. Maximize profitability by having one common solution to manage both new construction projects and longer-term maintenance and facilities management contracts. IFS is unique in that we are specialists in both asset and project management.

For more information, view our Executive Summary on Managing Construction and Contracting Projects with IFS.

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