Motorola Canada trusts SaaS field service management software from IFS

Motorola Canada needed to quickly deliver field service management software to emergency responders including police and firefighters. To do that effectively, they needed to fully automate their mission-critical field service processes, including call center, scheduling and install base management. They wanted to extend the solution out to the field via a mobile component, and needed a web portal that subcontractors could use to report their parts usage. Finally, the solution needed to be presented in multiple languages to support the end-user base.

They were starting from scratch, and working on a very tight deadline—they needed to have 100 users live within a month. Motorola Canada chose a software-as-a-service (SaaS) field service management solution from IFS. They made this decision for its combination of superior functionality and configurability, all of which could be delivered to meet their tight timeline. See how IFS delivered incredible field service functionality from service request, solution triage and return/repair to dispatch, schedule, call closure and billing.

To learn more, read this customer story.

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