The Challenge of Industry 4.0 for A&D Manufacturers


Industry 4.0 is revamping the manufacturing landscape across all industries, including Aerospace and Defense. Its emergence has signaled the arrival of cost-saving products and services and has enhanced the capability of current manufacturing processes and even business models. In this webinar, James Elliott, IFS senior business architect, Aerospace & Defense, zeroes in on the four key areas A&D manufacturers must critically address to successfully capitalize on these new technologies and thrive in an increasingly digital era.

Listen to James Elliott, Senior Business Architect at IFS talk about:

  • How the emergence of the digital thread as a communication network can improve supply chain efficiency
  • Why it is imperative for A&D manufacturers to be agile and offer a broad range of project capabilities to respond to trends such as mass personalization
  • The importance of automating IT operations to harvest data and leveraging it to achieve new and intelligent business models
  • Why security must be a top consideration during the design stages of product manufacturing