Pukka Herbs chooses IFS to maintain 25% year-on-year growth

Learn how implementing our ERP software helped Pukka Herbs in this case study!

With the success of ‘Project Morph’--the IFS software implementation project headed by David Anderson, Head of Office Projects & IT--Pukka Herbs is now operating with IFS software. Lobbies is one of the solutions that Pukka have found particularly useful, citing business value benefits such as:

  • Flexibility of system to scale with the growing business
  • Centralization of data and abolishment of silos
  • Time savings on administrative tasks
  • Better analysis of product values and costs of sales

David Anderson also refers to the professionalism and industry knowledge of IFS staff as a major contributing factor to their success. Hear from the people of Pukka Herbs in this ERP implementation story.

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