IFS Applications gives you prepackaged dashboards and lets you create your own.

Learn about packaged dashboards for IFS Applications including IFS Manufacturing Visualizer and IFS Lobby, and how you can configure and create your own dashboards.

Current versions of IFS Applications give you multiple role-based, preconfigured and ready to use tools for data visualization that put you back in control. Or, you can create and configure your own dashboards.

  • The IFS Manufacturing Visualizer for instance gives planners and management an interactive visualization that lets them see and control the production flow of materials across machines.
  • IFS Lobby gives you access to a broad and growing library of pre-configured role-based interfaces, democratizing data and empowering people to drive more value for your organization.
  • IFS business analytics and visualization tools offer pre-packaged functionality for immediate time to value, but also enable you to reconfingure existing dashboards or create net new ones.

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