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Aerospace and Defense Engine Manufacturer

The IFS Aviation & Defense Manufacturing solution offers a template best-in-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for aerospace and defense manufacturing. IFS’ defense manufacturing solution supports full product lifecycle management (PLM) of complex manufacturing projects, integrating the full design and development lifecycle into production and through-life, including functionality to ensure adherence to regulations like export control.

Defense programs can extend over decades, so customer retention is critical. That’s why IFS Applications’ lifecycle approach extends beyond PLM to include customers, products, and assets. You will know more quickly which markets to serve, when to enter them, and which products to develop.

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White Paper: Master ITAR and Export Control with ERP

In this white paper, we’ll discuss how the correct application of the right enterprise software including enterprise resource planning (ERP) can keep your aerospace and defense manufacturing business in the good graces of regulators, preventing violations that result in heavy fines.

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