Finansal Sonuçlar

2021 Q4 Update

Full Year, January – December 2021

  • FY2021 software revenue was SEK bn 4.928, an increase of 22 percent versus 2020
  • FY2021 recurring revenue was SEK bn 4.061, an increase of 30 percent versus 2020
  • FY2021 cloud revenue increased 105% percent versus 2020
  • FY2021 net revenue was SEK bn 6.767, an increase of 14 percent versus 2020

Financial Year 2021 Press Release

Message from the CEO

“Four consecutive years of double-digit growth is something the entire organization is hugely proud of, particularly in view of the challenging circumstances we’ve experienced since 2020. In 2021, our goal to help companies deliver their greatest Moment of Service™ also became a reality through our M&A strategy. We successfully integrated two companies into IFS and, since our acquisiton of Axios systems in June, have increased subscription bookings for IFS assyst by 236 percent compared to the same period in 2020. The numbers paint the picture of a strong and healthy business and I am particularly delighted that we are not compromising on any other metrics to achieve this level of sustained growth.”

Darren Roos
Chief Executive Officer

2021 Q3 Update

Year To Date, January - September 2021

  • Software revenue was SEK 3.4bln, an increase of 17% Year on Year
  • Recurring revenue was SEK 2.75bln, an increase of 19% Year on Year and representing 81% of software revenue
  • Cloud revenue increased 104% Year on Year representing more than 29% of software revenue

Q3 2021 press release

Message from the CEO

At heart, IFS is a technology-driven software company and the investments we have – and continue to make – into the IFS Cloud platform and our customer-facing services evidence themselves in these stellar results. The strong growth in software revenue is testament to us attracting new customers, but also in our commitment to our current customers whose ongoing success is of paramount importance to us. I’m proud of the work that our team has done to create market differentiation with our industrial asset and service capabilities, which continues to create positive momentum.

Darren Roos
Chief Executive Officer

2021 Q1 Update

Year To Date, January – March 2021

  • Q1 software revenue was SEK 1.2 billion, an increase of 13 percent Year on Year.
  • Q1 recurring revenue was SEK 1.0 billion, an increase of 24 percent Year on Year and representing more than 80 percent of software revenue.
  • Q1 cloud revenue increased 102 percent Year on Year representing more than 40 percent of software revenue (cloud revenue defined as all revenue streams associated with a cloud deployment deal).
  • Proportion of license revenues from new customers up to 57 percent.

Financial year 2021 press release

Message from the CEO

The launch of IFS Cloud in Q1 was the most important launch in company history. It was a milestone that delivers on our promise of helping customers create truly amazing moments of service. The impressive performance and growth of our cloud and service management business is evidence that customers value that we understand their needs and are delivering products that support their journey. In addition to our organic growth, we are strengthening our proposition with the addition of Axios Systems to ensure we remain the de facto leader for companies that want to differentiate in how they deliver and profit from service.

Darren Roos
Chief Executive Officer

2020 Q4 Update

Full Year, January - December 2020

  • FY2020 software revenue was MSEK 5,092, an increase of 26 percent versus 2019
  • FY2020 recurring revenue was MSEK 4,081, an increase of 43 percent versus 2019
  • FY2020 cloud revenue increased 60 percent versus 2019
  • FY2020 net revenue was MSEK 7,211, an increase of 14 percent versus 2019
  • In addition, service business license revenue grew 105 percent versus 2019 while aerospace and defense license revenue grew 37 percent.

Financial year 2020 press release

Message from the CEO

I think that every CEO will have been affected one way or another by 2020. Like many, we had to adapt as individuals and as a business, but the passion this team has for our customers continued to shine. I am hugely proud of that. I am also really proud to see that a significant part our license revenue has come from new logos, customers who have moved away from their legacy vendor; this combined with our performance in recurring revenue points the performance of a very strong business. 2021 will be a hugely important year for IFS as we launch IFS Cloud on March 10th.


Darren Roos
Chief Executive Officer

2020 Q3 Update

Year to date, January - September 2020

  • Net revenue was 5,111 million SEK (US $544 million), an increase of 12 percent versus Q3 YTD 2019
  • Service management license revenue grew 86 percent versus Q3 YTD 2019
  • Recurring revenue increased 41 percent versus Q3 YTD 2019
  • Cloud revenue increased 59 percent versus Q3 YTD 2019

Q3 2020 Press Release

Message from the CEO

Whether a company manufactures medical equipment, operates large energy utilities or manages a complex infrastructure, in the eyes of their customer, success or failure is realized at the moment of service—the moment when it all comes together. Organizations are transforming their businesses around this, and IFS is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this groundswell of opportunity. Our customer base continues to expand as we help more businesses grow, create value and improve delivery quality. IFS is the only vendor that can provide an integrated solution set across the customer’s entire operation.

Darren Roos

2020 H1 Update

First half, January–June 2020

  • Software revenue was SKr 2,382 million, an increase of 26 percent
  • Cloud revenue showed an increase of 56 percent
  • Consulting revenue amounted to SKr 1,071 million, an increase of 0 percent (-1 percent in constant currency)
  • Net revenue totaled SKr 3,482 million, an improvement of 16 percent (15 percent in constant currency)
  • Adjusted EBITDA totaled SKr 881 million, an improvement of 33 percent (32 percent in constant currency)

H1 2020 Press Release

Message from the CEO

Our focus remains on delivering value to our customers and never before has this mission been more critical to their survival. Our close collaboration with our partners has ensured we remain relevant, which is reflected in our results. Consulting is a function of our partners hitting scale, and taking over the projects. This demonstrates our growth is where we want it to be. Our recent announcement about EQT and TA Associates’ ownership is a real endorsement of our strategy and our enormous potential to continue to capture market share.

Darren Roos

2020 1. Çeyrek

1. Çeyrek, Ocak- Mart 2020

  • Lisans geliri yüzde 39 artışla (sabit para biriminde yüzde 36) 409 milyon SKr (1 '19: 295 milyon SKr) olarak gerçekleşti.
  • Bakım geliri yüzde 25 artışla (sabit para biriminde yüzde 22) 558 milyon SKr (1 '19: 448 milyon SKr) oldu.
  • Danışmanlık geliri yüzde 14 artışla (sabit para biriminde yüzde 11) 583 milyon SKr (1 '19: 512 milyon SKr) olarak gerçekleşti.
  • Net gelir yüzde 25 artışla (sabit para biriminde yüzde 22) 1.765 milyon SKr (1 '19: 1.410 milyon SKr) olarak gerçekleşti.
  • Düzeltilmiş EBITDA yüzde 23 artışla (sabit para biriminde yüzde 18) 318 milyon SKr (1 '19: 259 milyon SKr) bir iyileşme oldu.

CEO'nun Mesajı

Covid-19 salgınının oluşturduğu global ekonomik krize rağmen, lisans gelirlerimiz 2019 ilk çeyreğine göre %39 oranında arttı. Q1'deki bu güçlü gelir artışının ardından, EBITDA istikrarlı olmaya devam etmektedir ve IFS maliyet tabanını iyileştirmek için devam eden girişimlerle desteklenmektedir. Bu girişimler kısa vadeli EBITDA performansını desteklerken, global kilitlenmeler hafifledikten sonra işimizin hızla yükselmesini sağlayacaktır. İhtiyatlı maliyet kontrol tedbirleri alarak, önümüzdeki iki çeyrekte aşağı yönlü bir baskı görebileceğine inandığımız iş dünyası için daha fazla esnek çözümler oluşturuyoruz. Odak noktamız, sadece çalışanlarımızı ve kendi topluluğumuzu korumak için değil, aynı zamanda müşterilerimizin hak ettikleri mükemmel ürün, hizmet ve desteği almaya devam etmesini sağlamak için de önlemler almaya odaklanmış durumdayız.

Darren Roos

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