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Progressing from IFS Applications 9 to 10

You’re missing out on over 500 updates, spanning all functional areas. Explore solution enhancements across Financials, HCM and CRM.

IFS Applications contains hundreds of new key features that help companies decrease customizations by more than 50% on average. The business value comes through lower costs and increased flexibility, something we can help you calculate for free through a Digital Business Value Assessment (BVA). Updating is easy, seamless and cost-effective so you can maximize the value your solution delivers to your business.

Upgrade IFS Applications from version 9 to version 10


Business Planning is a new module that supports the process of creating budgets, forecasts and other financial plans, both for individual companies and on a consolidated level.

  • Integrated and centrally controlled planning engine that supports demand driven planning, based on customer defined planning models
  • Purpose built planning formats to handle different needs, all the way from personnel planning, revenue and cost planning to the balance sheet and cash flow
  • Manage and compare different scenarios based on different assumptions

Enhanced multi-company processes and functionality for managing complex financial structures

  • Multi-Company Allocation: Allocate costs or revenues from one company to other company or companies
  • Multi-Company Balance Analysis: Quickly analyze the ledger balances for multiple companies using this simple snapshot
  • Multi-Company Voucher Entry: Automate creation of intercompany transactions and simplify Multi-Company voucher creation using the same functionality that exists for Voucher entry including tax handling, voucher templates and interim vouchers
  • Overview Window for Accounts and Account Group: View accounts and account groups for several companies at the same time, and easily compare data for different companies
  • Drill Down for Multi-Company Voucher: Drill down and see the source of the original transaction that created the Multi-Company Voucher Entry so you can easily follow up
  • Multi-Company Depreciation Handling: Simplify the work with multiple depreciation proposals. Order, authorize and post multiple depreciation proposals at the same time when running a month-end process for multiple companies or books
  • Multi-Company Fixed Assets Transfer: Automate the transfer of fixed assets within complex group structures; transactions are generated automatically for sending Company
  • Multi-Company Basic Data: Companies are grouped together to synchronize the data set up e.g. accounts, code parts, accounting calendar, posting controls

New tax control concept in Sales Contract with common tax calculations, validations, tax storage and clients

  • Fetch tax codes to Sales Contract and Applications for Payments, as well as tax validations throughout the contract lifecycle
  • View the tax code and value earlier in the sales contract advance payment flow, even before the invoice is created

Human Capital Management

Redesigned Employee & Manager Self-Service ensuring high data quality and employee involvement in reporting time & attendance, expenses and employee development.

  • Easy to use with mobile self-service and the ability to visualize and access all process from a suite of self-defined lobbies and dashboards
  • Manage resources more effectively by enabling employees to self-service and allocate themselves to work assignments or specific project activities using a calendar, which is then automatically updated within the resource planning information
  • Enable individuals to monitor their own employee allocations
  • Improve planning and quickly allocate assignments, without having to first plan the resource demand on the activity

New complete Headcount Planning and Vacancies management process, for employee and organization management. The vacancies management workflow from Headcount Plan, through Recruitment to Employment enables you to:

  • Support business strategy by managing headcount budgets and vacancies
  • Clearly identify vacant positions and manage those to fulfilment  
  • Quickly view progress on ongoing vacancies with one overall workflow from headcount plan through recruitment to final employment
  • Easily pull reports on the current state of the workforce and plan headcount budgets

New Personal File window provides a central organization overview of personal data, qualifications and employments from all assignments one place with the employee record showing the relevant company related information

Aurena Bot enables employees to perform self-service tasks using simple natural language without having to navigate the application

  • Aurena Bot is accessible via the IFS Aurena Client and popular collaboration tools like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack & Microsoft Teams

New onboarding process

  • Quickly create onboarding programs using templates
  • Customize onboarding programs according to specific needs
  • Maintain checklists for employees, supervisors, other responsible parties and HR professionals
  • At-a-glance overview of onboarding progress

New performance and potential matrix

  • Position employees within the N-box matrix using performance scores and career potentiality levels
  • The number of boxes displayed in the matrix varies based on the performance appraisal indexes and career potentiality levels used by the organization


Decide who can work with different customers and related activities and objects, within the sales organization due to improved access control

  • Limit a user’s right to read and modify data
  • Define access settings for groups of users
  • Enable representatives to access to their work automatically
  • Users can share their data with other users without changing the access settings
  • Easily switch access control on/off for specific objects or users
  • Assign sales reps as a representative on CRM objects so can filter data and quickly find their work

New CRM panel for Outlook enables sales to manage daily tasks directly within Outlook

  • Perform tasks directly within Outlook including call logging, managing opportunities and activities
  • Outlook plugin pulls content from IFS Applications and presents it in a panel, making it easier to compose and save emails, create appointments and view attendee lists
  • Context driven navigation to direct the sales representative straight from Outlook into the right contact, activity or opportunity within Aurena
  • Sync calendar events

Improve visibility of the pipeline to confidently make decisions, identify opportunities and drive revenue

  • Create business opportunity snapshots and analyse the evolution of the pipeline to identify trends and patterns
  • Manage related opportunities so sales can see how opportunities relate to one another and create a more accurate view of pipeline
  • Define sales processes for business opportunities that guide a sales rep through each stage of the opportunity, helping them take the right actions and capture the right data so others can easily see the opportunity status.

Ready to see more?

This is just a snapshot of the functional enhancements available today. IFS Applications contains hundreds of new key features that help customers decrease customizations by more than 50% on average. Contact your account manager for a 1-1 overview and explore all of the new features.

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