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Інформаційна підтримка клієнтів і партнерів.

IFS provides a range of resources, services and support that enable our customers and partners, helping them derive business value from their investment in IFS, and helping them to become the best at what they do.


The IFS Partner Network

The IFS ecosystem is an important factor in our mission of making our customers successful. Through our partners we ensure the high IFS quality standard, fitted exactly to the requirements of your organization. Local, regional and worldwide, there is an IFS partner equipped to deliver on your wishes.

IFS Partners

IFS Academy

IFS solutions are proven to deliver outstanding business value. The IFS Academy training and enablement programs are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to fully capitalize on this business value.

IFS Academy

Consulting Services

IFS runs on two key principles: value and choice. IFS Consulting Services provides a portfolio fuelled by our customers’ desire to leverage maximum return on investment and enabled by a range of commercial and delivery models to suit a multitude of business scenarios and needs. Whether implementing, upgrading or facilitating business change with your existing IFS Solutions, IFS Consulting has a service framework that can facilitate.

Consulting Services

Global Support

We are here for the moments where ‘right now’ takes precedence. When what you need from us is an efficient and effective resolution of your issue. We proudly offer choice around our role and our level of engagement in your business, where customer success and value realization are completely defined by customer context.