IFS Young Professional Programme 2017 Is Now CLOSED

UK Graduates 2014

***Please be ware that the IFS Young Professional Programme 2017 is now CLOSED***

Welcome to the IFS Young Professionals Programme. Our programme aims to give the successful graduates a chance to develop their skills and knowledge throughout a robust and dynamic training programme, ensuring a successful transition into being a world class IFS applications consultant.

IFS software helps companies to become more agile

IFS is a recognised leader in providing business software to companies that aspire to become more agile. IFS uses its deep industry-focused expertise to help companies in targeted sectors increase agility in three core areas: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Enterprise Service Management(ESM).

IFS’s products are known for being user-friendly, modular in their design and flexible enough to support the customers in their way of working according to their established processes. Our business philosophy and architecture provide solutions that are easier to implement, run and upgrade.

The IFS group has more than 2,400 customers in more than 60 countries, and exceeded 1 million users in 2015. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and implement business solutions in our target sectors: manufacturing, retail & wholesale, service & aftermarket, energy & utilities, process industries, defence, automotive and project based industries.

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IFS was started by a group of students working together

The business prides itself on the inclusive approach it not only has with its staff, but also its clients, working collaboratively to ensure the smooth installation of IFS solutions. The role of a consultant within IFS is to work with clients to ensure they are fully prepared for the installation of the software, from project management to the transferring of knowledge with regards to using the product.

IFS was started in the early 1980’s by a group of students who liked working with each other.  Since then we have grown a lot, but we like to think that the spirit of those days still exists as part of our DNA in the form of values that guide the way we do business:

  • SIMPLICITY means that we keep things simple and are easy to do business with. We believe in communicating what really matters and being clear and transparent in what we say and do.  That way, our customers always know what to expect from IFS.
  • PROFESSIONALISM is all about focusing on why we do business: to create benefits for customers by using established processes and best practice. Our employees possess industry-specific knowledge and always honour our promises.
  • COMMITMENT means that we go the extra mile and never give up. Our skilled employees really care about each customer’s business and share their knowledge and expertise.  It’s not just a job, it’s a mindset!

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Hear from previous graduates

We want you to hear from some of those who have actually experienced the IFS Young Professional Programme first hand.

Ieva Rituma – 2014 Intake

Ieva Rituma

Why you joined the IFS Graduate Programme?

It was a consulting job, which I though matched my personality in that it is very diverse and people facing. Sri Lanka obviously was a big bonus, but even then I knew that the job will go far beyond that. I was mainly attracted by the company culture and the positivity, professionalism but also friendliness from all levels of management and from all people I met in the assessment day. I felt at home and leaving the 2-day assessment, did really wish I would become a part of this family. Now, having worked here for almost 3 years I still feel the same.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to join the programme?

I would not hesitate to apply! It’s really helpful to understand whether you think consulting is for you, but at the same time you won’t know until you have tried. Travelling, although makes up a large part of the work, is balanced out with working from home at times!

What was the best part of being on the programme?

I was always surprised about the support that is given to you and but also the responsibilities so early on in our careers. I know now, that this is the company culture, but had never been exposed to an organisation that would take such pride in helping each other so was always surprised. To me, people that I worked with had and still makes the best part of the job; both customers and IFS employees. I also really enjoyed the diversity of the programme, being exposed to such different customers, both across the UK and also internationally. Meeting customers even through shadowing so early on has always made a big difference in understanding what is expected from a consultant and how to better deliver that.

Bertie Littley – 2015 Intake

Bertie Littley

Why did you join the IFS Graduate Programme?

To be perfectly honest I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life when I applied for this job. I was flitting around trying to work out what I wanted to do and the Graduate Scheme just seemed to tick all the boxes; a great wage, independence, job security and fantastic company culture.

What has been your highlight while on the Graduate Programme?

Aside from the obvious highlight of the Sri Lanka experience, I would have to say the feeling you get once you present to (or consult with) a customer and nail it! Nothing comes close to the thrill of getting it right; all of the practicing and preparation seems 100% worth it when you deliver to your full potential.

What have you learnt about yourself while on the Graduate Programme?

Before I started at IFS I always thought I was great at presenting solely because I am good on my feet and know how to work a crowd. Being here and working with customers and colleagues has made me realise that those skills are only one piece of a huge puzzle. Preparation and structuring a presentation or a workshop are key skills that I’ve learnt, and I feel like I am a more assured and confident person because of that.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to join the programme?

If you like staying in the same place every day and constantly being in your comfort zone, this is not the job for you! This job will allow you to be mobile, meet a plethora of people (not just customers, colleagues too!) and will teach you valuable business skills that you would otherwise be hard pressed to learn anywhere else. You’re not just learning about a piece of software, you’re also learning how to be a well-rounded and professional individual.

Jack Stodhart – 2016 Graduate

Jack StodhartWhy did you join the IFS Graduate Programme?

I joined the IFS Graduate Scheme as it presented an opportunity to gain an insight into a variety of industries and allow me to develop as a business professional. Having come straight from university this diverse experience which was on offer would create a solid foundation for the beginning of my career. As the software has multiple functional areas the scheme allowed to sample these (e.g. Finance, Supply Chain and Manufacturing) before allowing me to then choose one that suited me rather than having to make the decision before starting the scheme or be forced into a certain area.

What should any future applicant expect from the recruitment process?

It is an intense process but if you are yourself and try your best then it will come across. The process will also give you the chance to find out what the role is like and as such see if it’s the right fit for you.

What is the biggest challenge you have found so far on the programme?

The amount of information that is given to you to take in can be daunting and at times difficult to take it all in. However, no one minds if you ask them to explain something or repeat it as you are there to learn and develop.

What do you enjoy about the programme?

I like that in the scheme we have access to work with and learn from senior members of the company, which is unique for someone who is at just the beginning of the scheme, it makes me feel that the company really does value what I can bring to it. An example of this can come from the mentor system where each graduate is paired with a senior consultant who is a great port of call for any areas which I want to discuss throughout my time here, and they are willing to give up their time to help in any way they can.

Here's what you need to do

The recruitment process for the IFS Young Professional Programme is robust. There are numerous stages you will have to complete. This is designed to ensure that we find the best graduates for our programme, but also that this is the right scheme and company for you. We firmly believe that the recruitment process is two way and therefore want to make sure this is the best company and scheme for you too.

To join the scheme, you will need to:

  • Submit a copy of your CV to UKYPP@ifsworld.com
  • Have a short telephone call to discuss your application and interest in joining
  • A competency based Skype interview, assessing your knowledge and experience
  • A face to face interview, with the IFS Senior Management
  • Psychometric testing
  • 2 day assessment centre (with an overnight stay)

Throughout this process you will be supported by a member of the IFS team who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have an update you on the process of your application.

Apply now, send you CV to UKYPP@ifsworld.com

A trip to Sri Lanka is part of our development programme

One of the undoubted highlights of the IFS Young Professionals Programme is the 5 weeks trip to Sri Lanka which is part of the development programme. The IFS site in Colombo is the main research and development site for IFS and it is a great opportunity for all of the Young Professionals to develop their knowledge of the IFS Application.

The trip offers 5 weeks intensive training with the IFS development team, giving you unprecedented knowledge, experience and training for you to develop your understanding and knowledge of the product. It is also a wonderful opportunity to experience a new culture and spend your free time travelling and experiencing the beautiful country.

“Sri Lanka was a once in a life time opportunity. As well as an introduction to IFS we got to network with graduates from other countries and enjoy Sri Lanka every weekend. You work hard in the week and then kick back on a Sri Lankan beach with a coconut in your hand at the weekends! Not a bad way to begin a new career!” Grace Dooey 2016 Intake.


Sri Lanka

IT Works MiTec sponsors graduates through the IFS scheme

IT Works MiTec have been working in conjunction with IFS on the Young Professionals Programme since its inception. As a business IT Works MiTec work with their clients to provide fully qualified IFS consultants and do so in partnership with IFS. Based in Preston, IT Works MiTec have a national presence and work with consultants across the country on IFS implementation projects. The company sponsor a select number of graduates through the IFS scheme, ensuring their consultants have the exact same top class training as IFS consultants.

The relationship between both companies is excellent and as a result the successful candidates will complete the same robust training programme, and specialise in their own areas of the software. It is at the end of the programme where some young professionals will work for IFS and some for IT Works MiTec. You will be fully aware of which company you will work for from the day you are offered the position.

IT Works Mitec

About our Grads

  • Felicia Akhazemea
  • Joined IFS September 2015
  • Brunel University Graduate
  • Enjoys the challenge of the high expectation placed on her as a Graduate

About You

  • Have (or be looking to achieve) a 2:2 or above in any degree discipline
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • An overwhelming interest in business and constant improvement
  • Observant, insightful and eager to contribute
  • Motivated, ambitious and determined

About the Programme

  • 18-24 month structured development programme
  • 5 weeks initial product training in Sri Lanka
  • Live client project work
  • £22,500 starting salary with incremental increases per milestone completed
  • Mentor programme