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Customer experience is a key differentiating factor for leading brands, yet too often staff on the frontline are met with myriad applications and databases to navigate in order to answer a single customer request. Getting the best from your contact centre means giving your agents a simple, intuitive desktop application which brings together all the relevant, contextualised information they need in one place. The IFS Customer Engagement™ (CE) platform provides a unique solution, consolidating relevant customer data from across the organisation alongside contact centre channels and adding case management and other CRM functionality as required.

In contrast to a traditional CRM approach, the objective is not to replace existing enterprise systems, but rather to sit as a layer above multiple back office systems presenting customer service agents with this data in a simple and intelligent ‘fit for purpose’ application, which guides them through complex requests, presenting data at the appropriate point to support decisions.

The result is a customer service desktop that slashes the time an agent spends searching for data and processing requests, while empowering front office staff to do more and deliver truly transformed customer experience.

Making complex customer service simple

CRM for the service and support center: IFS Customer Engagement provides a desktop application that delivers extensive CRM and case management functionality, uniquely configured for contact center agents.

In contrast to the traditional ‘rip and replace’ approach, if existing CRM or other enterprise software is already in place, the IFS CE desktop can augment this functionality. It seamlessly blends customer data for the agents, enabling them to transcribe to underlying systems from their single ‘fit for purpose’ agent application. This allows agents to deliver rapid service while allowing businesses to maximize their existing CRM investments as well as those in other API-enabled external applications.

Where case management is required, IFS CE delivers a complete solution, enabling users to create and assign, transfer, track and escalate cases and manage workflow. The unique grouping functionality ensures any new customer communications in the queue related to a single case are collated and simultaneously delivered to the most skilled user.

Business rules can be applied on specific case types to govern how they are assigned and manage any automated processing. Dashboards provide supervisors with insight into current and historic cases and can be filtered and prioritized against a variety of criteria to enable exceptions to be handled effectively.

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Transform agent productivity with unified agent desktop software 

40% improvement in service center productivity: The contact center is awash with patchwork technology systems including CRM, email tools, order processing, dialers, trouble ticketing applications and more. But the lack of integration between these systems results in agents’ time being spent surfing and manipulating multiple screens and data rather than talking to customers and resolving their issues. A unified agent desktop resolves these issues, while boosting productivity and creating a more focused customer service.

IFS’s pioneering concept of the unified desktop pulls together customer data from disparate sources and wide systems into a simple, single agent view of the customer. It consolidates communication channels into the same application, allowing agents to easily navigate multiple systems without having to leave one screen.

The desktop guides agents through complex transactions, managing workflow and presenting agents with contextualized data, guidance, and forms at the appropriate point to support decisions. This prompts the agent to collect the required data and guides them through complex processes.

Configure and evolve: IFS CE enables customer service staff to configure and evolve the agent desktop themselves as processes and products evolve. The drag-and-drop design studio enables users to manage data models, workflows, business logic, validation and other user-experience elements.

Infographic: Simplify customer journeys for agents

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