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Military operators

Logistics support and effective maintenance of military assets

IFS delivers military logistics solutions that enable an integrated approach to strategic planning of support, logistics operations, and effective maintenance of military assets. Including fleet and asset management, maintenance repair and overhaul, acquisition, storage, distribution, disposal and resource planning—within a single defense solution.

  • Fleet and Asset Management
  • Heavy Maintenance
  • Complex Assembly MRO
  • Component MRO
  • Enterprise Operational Intelligence
  • Supply chain and warehouse management
  • Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
  • Line Maintenance
Logistics Software for the Military & Defense Sector

Whitepaper: Total Asset Readiness

Read about the five key requirements to building an Integrated Data Environment to replace overcomplicated legacy information systems, and to deliver Total Asset Readiness™.

  • Better data feedback unlocks the power of predictive maintenance  
  • Scale at a whole other level requires a helping hand from APIs
  • Use containerization to package apps – downloadable anywhere on any device 
  • New model, same security focus – information assurance should come as a pre-requisite 
  • Information in the right place at the right time – outdated documents replaced by dynamic dashboards


Empowering through-life availability of critical Aerospace & Defense assets