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Military operators

Logistics support and effective maintenance of military assets

IFS delivers military logistics solutions that enable an integrated approach to strategic planning of support, logistics operations, and effective maintenance of military assets. Including fleet and asset management, maintenance repair and overhaul, acquisition, storage, distribution, disposal and resource planning—within a single defense solution.

  • Fleet and Asset Management
  • Heavy Maintenance
  • Complex Assembly MRO
  • Component MRO
  • Enterprise Operational Intelligence
  • Supply chain and warehouse management
  • Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
  • Line Maintenance
Logistics Software for the Military & Defense Sector

Whitepaper: How to extend the service life of military assets

Read how to extend an asset's life-cycle while meeting strict safety requirements. There are four key maintenance and support challenges of lifecycle extension programs.

  • Airframe life extensions means tracking new data
  • Spare parts availability and a 360-degree view of the supply chain
  • Scarce resources and skill transfers
  • Maintaining force capability and capacity

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Empowering through-life availability of critical Aerospace & Defense assets