Custom Services

In addition to Platinum support several custom support offerings are available.

Customization Support

The provision of support for all modifications developed and approved by IFS. This includes the correction of faults that prevent modifications from working as described and alterations of core updates and patches where entitled, in order to function with the customized software.

Service Level Agreement

Provision of a specific service level agreement for cases reported on Severity 1 & 2. Pricing and penalty details are available on request from your IFS sales representative.

Additional Instance

Provides source code control for adding an additional instance. The additional instance can be on a different version or track to the primary instance. When selecting additional instance maintenance, you may choose a different primary region to provide support if needed.

Extended Support

Prolonging the support period for up to three years, licensed software will be maintained to operate in conformity with software documentation after the original/standard support period has ended. The standard support period is product dependent.