Enterprise Consulting Inc

Enterprise Consulting Inc

Enterprise Consulting is a professional services and management consulting firm specializing in enterprise software from optimization and improvements in your current software to implementation and integration of new software. Our long history and deep relationship with IFS has led IFS to entrust us with the ability to take the lead on upgrade projects and implementations. We are known for the high level of service we deliver and a long-term, satisfied client base.

As a Platinum IFS Services Partner, we have been focused on helping customers implement, optimize and upgrade IFS Applications™ since 2001. We provide a full range of application and technical services, providing value-focused solutions to help customers get the most out of IFS.

In addition, we provide IFS customers throughout North America with unique and innovative process improvement solutions through our business partner network. These include Bar Coding and Warehouse Management, Mobility, AP/AR Automation, EDI and Document Management Automation.

Enterprise Consulting’s business partner network includes:

  • Addovation
  • Cedar Bay
  • Novacura
  • Pagero
  • Radley

IFS Functional Consulting: IFS BA expertise for all functional areas of the IFS Application (Version 7.5 through Apps 9)

IFS Technical Consulting: IFS SE expertise for all technical areas of the IFS Application (Version 7.5 through Apps 9)

IFS Project Management: Project Management and Leadership

Oracle DBA: Oracle DBA skills and On-Going Database Monitoring

IFS Development: IFS Developers for customizations, Reporting, BI/BA

Novacura Flow: IFS Software Add-on for Workflow and Mobile needs (WMS, Shop Floor, Field Service, Field Sales, Engineering)

Addovation: IFS Software Add-on for extending data and document management

InsiteCommerce: IFS Software Add-on B2B/B2C solution

Enterprise Consulting’s true strength and value is our keen focus and unparalleled ability to optimize our customer’s use of IFS. Real optimization yields a significantly greater ROI against your initial investment and implementation of IFS. We provide this optimization Return On Investment through five key methods:


Enhance your existing IFS processes. We often find that customers are not fully utilizing the capabilities inherent in IFS, or have chosen to use functionality in a way that does not support their business processes efficiently. Enterprise Consulting can review your IFS utilization by means of our “Process Review”, and map out how, in every appropriate area of IFS, you can better and more fully utilize the capabilities you have purchased, thereby supporting your business processes in the most efficient manner possible. In doing so, you reduce time and complexity on daily tasks, reduce the “offline” use of spreadsheets and such just to get the job done, and in general allow your business processes to flow smoothly through IFS.


Extend your use of IFS by implementing unused IFS functionality or new IFS modules. We often find that companies have purchased far more of IFS than is being used or have a glaring need for IFS modules that they do not yet own. Enterprise Consulting can help your business determine what functionality can and should be deployed (or purchased and deployed) effectively and provide the experience and expertise to help you take full advantage of that investment. By using the “system” for more of your key processes, errors and costs plummet.


Automate your IFS Application by utilizing the entire IFS Toolbox. There are many inherent IFS automation tools like Right Mouse Buttons (RMBs) and Events that can be used to minimize the time required to complete actions or transactions within the IFS Application. Enterprise Consulting can analyze your IFS usage and help you create and deploy these tools very quickly. In addition to IFS automation tools are IFS Certified Partner Applications like NovaCura Flow and Addovation. NovaCura has helped many Enterprise Consulting customers by creating processes and workflows, fully integrated with IFS, by introducing a greatly simplified user experience that greatly reduce time, error, and costs. Addovation, also fully integrated with IFS, automates many IFS functions and helps automate document creation and storage by using Microsoft Word and Excel as the IFS user environment.


Integrate your Web-based applications and third-party application with IFS. Enterprise Consulting has the experience and expertise to take these disparate and often standalone applications and fully integrate them with IFS in a one-way or bi-directional manner. Logistics, Planning, HR/Payroll, eCommerce, etc. can be utilized in conjunction with IFS to enhance your business processes with full efficacy.


Enterprise Consulting can take your business to the newest IFS platform. Many IFS customers are two, three, even four IFS versions behind the current release. IFS has poured a great deal into developing new functionality and technology in these new versions, functionality that can be of huge value to IFS customers if utilized. Let Enterprise Consulting guide you through our proven upgrade process quickly and as cost effectively as is possible. This can be a real Game-Changer. Enterprise Consulting is the only IFS Partner in North America authorized to assist IFS customers in upgrading their version of IFS.


  • Platinum

Type of Partner:

  • Services
  • Referral


  • United States


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Engineering Construction and Infrastructure
  • Energy Utilities and Resources
  • Oil and Gas
  • Service Industries
  • Manufacturing


  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • IFS Applications