IFS Finance with IFS Applications 10

This course introduces you to IFS Finance. Our financial components give you a comprehensive view of your business from a variety of perspectives. When you spot a trend worth investigating, you can scrutinize the appropriate financial transactions in detail. These components enhance control at all levels of the organization and support regulatory needs around the world.


Those who need to be able to identify and state the essential decisions to be made, basic data to be created, and processes involved in the setting up of Accounting and General Ledger in support of IFS Financials modules in IFS Applications™.


Navigational knowledge of IFS. Familiarity with IFS Finance.


IFS Finance with IFS Applications 10.


Course duration is 5 full days.


Hands-on exercises are used to walk through the features of IFS Finance: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable 

Topics include:

General Ledger:

  • Company Creation
  • User Data
  • Chart of Accounts and Code String
  • Accounting Calendar
  • Currencies, Tax Codes and Payment Terms
  • Voucher types
  • Posting controls
  • Manual Vouchers
  • Update General Ledger
  • General Ledger Analysis

Accounts Payable:

  • Overview Accounts Payable and Supplier Invoicing
  • Basic Data for Supplier Invoicing
  • Invoice Types
  • Processing an Invoice
  • Supplier Debit/Credit notes
  • Supplier Advance invoicing
  • E-Invoice and Posting Proposals
  • Authorizing Supplier Invoice
  • Invoice Cancellation
  • Supplier Payment
  • Accounts Payable and follow-up analysis

Accounts Receivable:

  • Overview Accounts Receivable
  • Basic Data for Accounts Receivable
  • Instant Invoicing
  • Customer Payment
  • Customer Offset and Netting
  • Bad Debt Management
  • Customer Credit Management
  • Accounts receivable and follow-up analysis

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