IFS Demand Planner/Inventory Planning & Replenishment

This course introduces you to IFS Demand Planner/Inventory Planning & Replenishment.


Anyone involved in IFS Supply Chain and/or Inventory is encouraged to attend.


Navigational knowledge of IFS. Familiarity with IFS Supply Chain and/or Inventory.


IFS Demand Planner/Inventory Planning & Replenishment with IFS Applications 10 or later.


Course duration is 2 full days.


Hands-on exercises are used to walk through the features of Demand Planner/Inventory Planning & Replenishment.Topics include:

Demand Planning:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Principles & Key Terms
  • Define Demand Planning Data
  • Demand Plan Server
  • Demand Plan Client
  • DP and IEE new Trolley / IEE Client
  • Forecast Models
  • Seasonal Profiles
  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Tips and tricks

Inventory Planning & Replenishment IPR:

  • Introduction
  • Getting IPR up and running
  • IPR Models
  • IPR & IEE
  • IPR Excel Sheet
  • Tips and tricks

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