IFS Maintenance/Asset Management

This course shows you how IFS Maintenance can be used to manage fixed assets and how it is associated with fixed asset accounting. Discussions and exercises detail how IFS Maintenance can be used to track, schedule, and perform equipment maintenance requirements, and provide analysis of the associated costs.


This course is intended for maintenance personnel, managers, and core team members who need to have a fundamental knowledge of fixed assets and basic maintenance management and planning processes.


It is assumed the participants are familiar with basic IFS navigation and inventory management.


5 days


This course describes the management of fixed assets and their association with fixed asset accounting, preventive maintenance requirements and processes, and the generation and processing of work orders.

Specific topics include:

  • Creating and maintainingequipment objects and their structures
  • Defining preventive maintenance requirements
  • Work orders for preventive and corrective maintenance actions
  • Monitoring equipment performance
  • Creating and managing work and safety permits
  • Creating and managing work orders
  • Analyzing the costs associated with maintenance work orders

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