IFS Report Designer

The course is aimed at increasing your knowledge of the IFS Report Designer concepts and providing a clear understanding of developing and working with Report Designer layouts. You will be guided through the development process showing all steps and tools involved in modifying/developing a report. The course comprises of guidelines and exercises which will help the participant to first understand the concepts and be able to put them into practice.


This course is intended for developers who are required to create new / modify Report Designer based reports.


An understanding of IFS Reports in general and basic knowledge in XML and PL/SQL languages will be useful.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted


2 Days training + 1 Day of prototyping


The IFS Report Designer course contains guidelines, steps and tools using the Report Designer development toolset. The complete report development process is described in four stages during the training.

During the course the participants will learn to:

  • Model report data structure using the IFS Developer Studio
  • Modify the RDF to generate XML data for the report
  • Create and modify Report Designer layouts/style sheets
  • Configure reports to preview/print in runtime
  • Configure report layouts/results using IFS Solution Manager
  • Execute reports (print/preview)

The course consists of a number of lectures and exercises. During the exercises, the participants learn to use the tools utilized in the development process and develop/modify Report Designer reports. Software you’ll be working with includes:

  • IFS Developer Studio
  • IFS Report Designer layout tool
  • IFS Rich Web Client (Solution Manager)
  • PL/SQL Developer (optional)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above
  • Java SDK 1.4 or above


Setup Requirements for onsite training:

1. Development database with FNDDEV module installed

2. Tool disk (F1Tools folder) which contains setup files of Report designer & IFS developer studio

3. Access to IFS Solution Manager and IFS Executables

4. Pl/Sql Developer (Optional)


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