DBA Workshop

This is an introductory course for database administrators who are responsible for maintaining an IFS Applications system. The goal of this course is to cover the Oracle architecture and internal mechanisms so that the student is able to perform basic IFS DBA tasks such as database creation, startup and shutdown, and database management. The course also covers Oracle networking basics and Oracle utility programs.


This course is strongly recommended for IT personnel responsible for maintaining and administering an IFS Applications system.


Knowledge of relational database theory and ANSI SQL is recommended, but not required.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted


3 days


Hands-on exercises are used to demonstrate each feature, and the student gains first-hand experience in key IFS DBA concepts.

Note: This course is not taught as a preparatory course for the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) program.

Topics include:

  • Oracle architecture
  • SQL basics
  • DBA SQL (V$ views)
  • Execution of select and update operations
  • Database dictionary
  • Database parameters
  • How to create and copy a database
  • How to create and administrate database users
  • Database tuning and monitoring
  • How to handle database backup and recovery
  • Tips and tricks

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