IFS Access Providers (AP) Training

Does your business require development of client-side applications that can access the business logic in IFS Application, e.g. receiving supplier invoices, engineering parts or BOM? The topics covered in this course will provide a comprehensive overview IFS Access Providers.


This course is designed to enable customer or third party developers to understand the concept of IFS Access Providers and to provide development training on how to use IFS Access Provider in client-side applications.

IFS Access providers enable a client-side application to access IFS business logic in the middle tier and the database tier in the same way IFS’ own Enterprise Explorer client accesses business logic. This opens up unlimited possibilities to client-side application developers.

Furthermore, Access Providers encapsulate the underlying communications protocol and handle client-server protocol semantics such as authentication and error handling, allowing developers to focus instead on the aspects of application development that add business value.

IFS Access Provider libraries are available for Microsoft .NET, JAVA and VBA Applications (COM).


Developers who will be involved in building client-side applications that access IFS Application business logic.


  • Basic understanding of IFS Application and Integration.
  • Knowledge of client-side Application development.
  • Programming language - depends on the Access Provider used:
    • Microsoft .NET – for IFS .NET Access Provider
    • JAVA – for JAVA Access Provider
    • VBA – for COM Access Provider


IFS Applications 7.5 or later.


Initial Course duration is 2 hours:

  • Access Providers - Overview: 2 hours.
  • Access Providers - Development: We are recommending multiple short sessions of consulting once you start developing your own Access Providers.


Access Providers – Overview:

  • Introduction to IFS Access Providers.
  • Introduction to IFS Business Logic layer.
  • Introduction to BIZAPI’s and Activities in IFS Middle-Tier.
  • Using IFS Access Provider libraries in Client-Side applications.

Access Providers – Development:

  • Training and on-demand consulting for JAVA, COM or .NET client applications development.


The course can be delivered remotely via WebEx (or similar) sessions.


TEST or Development instance of IFS Application. Microsoft Visual Studio version 10 (For IFS Application 7.5, 8). Microsoft Visual Studio version 13(For IFS Application 9).

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