IFS Connect

Would you find it useful to know how to configure and troubleshoot IFS Connect to maintain your interfaces? The topics covered in this course will provide a comprehensive education regarding IFS Connect, its processes transactions, as well as error correction and reporting.


IFS Connect is an integration broker, designed for XML and web services. It can be used to facilitate integration of business logic with external business processes, applications, and devices.

This course is designed to enable users to configure and setup IFS Connect components such as Transport Connectors, Routing Rules, Destination Addresses and Application Message Queues using Solution Manager. In addition, this course helps understanding IFS Web Services (SOAP Gateway, IFS Xml and SOAP Envelopes)


Users who will manage and monitor inbound and outbound interfaces, IFS Applications system administrators.


A basic understanding of IFS Applications and Integration architecture. A basic understanding of XML and Soap Web Services architecture is beneficial.


IFS Applications 7 SP4 or later.


Course duration is 2-4 hours. 2 hours for the general session, and an additional 1-2 hours for configuring and testing the SFTP connector (Optional).


  • Brief introduction to IFS Connect.
  • Creating and configuring Routing Rules and Destination Addresses.
  • Using Transformers.
  • Configuring IFS Connector Readers and Senders such as File, Mail, FTP Connectors.
  • Creating additional instances of existing Connectors
  • Managing Application Messages and Queues (IN1, OUT1, NOTIFICATION, ERROR)
  • Understanding IFS Web Services (SOAP Gateway)
  • IFS Connect troubleshooting.
  • Configuring the SFTP transport connector (Optional). SFTP Connector can be used to send and receive files to and from IFS Applications by using the SSH2 File Transfer Protocol; commonly referred to as SFTP and "Secure FTP".


Course can be delivered remotely via WebEx (or similar) session.


TEST or Development instance of IFS Application.

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