IFS Lobbies & Streams

Do you want to maximize productivity and have constant overview and visibility of your daily workflows - whenever, wherever you want to? The topics covered in this course will provide a comprehensive overview for IFS Lobbies and Streams.



IFS Lobbies have been designed leveraging IFS’s experience and knowledge of what is important to specific roles, processes and groups of users.

  • Bringing you closer to what’s happening in your business
  • Bringing you closer to the things you need to do
  • Bringing you closer to find things in IFS Applications

You will learn to create your own lobbies using the IFS Page Designer. Since every customer and industry is unique, the IFS Lobby concept is designed so you can easily tailor the lobbies to fit your specific business requirements.


  • Increased efficiency
    • Right alerts at the right time
  • Increased usability
    • All notification types are gathered in one panel – no need to go to different parts of the application to search for the information.
    • Instant updates as the notifications are pushed from the server.


Users who will prepare or control IFS Applications such as IT-department. End users who need to monitor the business regularly and has quick access to IFS Applications


Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of IFS database objects (VIEWS)
  • SQL queries is an advantage but not mandatory

Lobby objects:

  • Core Lobby pages, data sources, and elements correspond to module that was purchased.
  • Lobby designer (page, element, and data source) is part of F1 framework.


IFS Applications 9 RTM or newer.


2 days


The course will start with introduction of IFS Lobby, overview on built in Lobby Pages, Lobby Elements, and Data Source.

Then followed by demonstration on how to create new data source using Query Designer and SQL Query, creating new Lobby Element, and Lobby Page. Tips and Best practices are discussed on each topic as the demo going along.


Remote Training.


IFS will have a demo environment for the presenter. Participants can use their own environment to follow the demo but it is not required.

Remote Delivery:

The training will be done using WebEx. The trainer will use an internal IFS environment to demonstrate the exercises.

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