Aurena Development - Aurena Development

About this Course

This is one of the courses towards gaining the IFS Certified Specialist accreditation for Developers. It enables students to cover and prepare for all of the examination specification topics for the “IFS Aurena Development” exam

Target Audience

The course is aimed at Developers involved with IFS Aurena Client Development in IFS Applications 10.

  1. Introduction OData Protocol
  2. Introduction to IFS Aurena Framework
  3. Creating and modifying elements, pages and working with the navigator
  4. Searching for your data in IFS Aurena
  5. Manipulating CRUD operations
  6. Introduction to Commands
  7. Working with Dialogs and Assistants
  8. Translations in IFS Aurena
  9. Layered Application development support in IFS Aurena

At the end of this course, the students will have an understanding of:

  • The architecture of the IFS Aurena Client Framework and controls available in the IFS Aurena Client Framework
  • Designing and the development of responsive web client application.
  • Performing CRUD operations and working with Commands
  • Translation process of IFS Aurena Framework
  • Layered Application Architecture of IFS Aurena

Knowledge: one must be familiar with ERP software in general and the look & feel of IFS Applications. In addition, one must have a good understanding of the applicable business processes for their area of expertise. Industry experience is highly recommended. Finally, knowledge of Object Oriented Design principles with SQL, PLSQL, C#, and .NET Framework is a must.
Participants must be developers who have worked with the Base Server of IFS Applications 9 and exposed to the changes introduced in Base Server of IFS Applications 10. The participants should also be familiar with the Layered Application Architecture and should have developed modifications using the Customization/Extension Layers. Having basic knowledge regarding web technologies and web services is also considered supplementary.

Courses: Base Server Development for Application Core

Exams: Base Server Development for Application Core


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  • Developers

IFS Applications Version:

  • IFS Applications 10


  • Specialist


  • Foundation1

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5 days