Executive Summary: IFS Applications for Food and Beverage

In an industry known for fierce competition and razor-thin profit margins, IFS Applications™ for food and beverage gives you the tools to maintain your competitive edge. IFS Applications™ is a comprehensive, industry- specific solution that helps you balance supply and demand, streamline the supply chain, comply with new regulations, and turn new customers into repeat customers.

IFS Applications™ offers industry-specific functionality that meets your company’s critical business requirements, including lot/batch traceability, recipe management, hazard analysis and critical control points (HAACP), and direct store delivery (DSD). It helps you to maximize profitability throughout all phases of your product, customer, and asset lifecycles. In addition, it was built on IFS’ unique component-based architecture; letting you implement the core functionality you need today and then add components as your business requirements expand. For more information, view our Food and Beverage Executive Summary.

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