What one ERP Failing Could Hamstring Your Automotive Lean Initiative?

Tight supply chains, such as those found in the automotive industry, require highly integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed specifically for the automotive sector. Because ERP has its origins in the automotive industry, repetitive manufacturers in the automotive sector are particularly well-served by many established software offerings. But there is one gap in these solutions that will put even the most sophis­ticated automotive manufacturer at risk. What is this gap? Packaging.

A perfect Just-In-Time (JIT) automotive environ­ment, that manufactures every part right when it is needed, will still grind to a halt if the packaging necessary to ship this part is not available. The overwhelming majority of ERP software products fail here. Once we consider the central role that packaging plays in the automotive manufacturing value chain, it becomes a fourth pillar in the organization. In this whitepaper, we will discuss the importance of packaging and its relationship with ERP software.

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