Traceability in the food and beverage industry


Traceability is increasingly important in the food and beverage sector due to strict regulations and rising consumer demand for corporate social responsibility. Three technological advancements are key to cost-efficient, reliable traceability measures—Big Data, the Internet of Things and Cloud solutions. Agile, responsive ERP software will incorporate these three to enable manufacturers to:

  • Access and analyze data from a connected supply chain
  • Gain real-time, automated and intelligent traceability
  • Use Cloud solutions to achieve multi-enterprise, 360-degree supply chain visibility

In the future, we will see even more devices capable of enabling traceability. These devices won’t just store the data, but analyze will it in order to help reduce operating costs, and adhere to strict industry regulations and consumer expectations. Technology advancements in cloud solutions, big data and IoT are still relatively new to process manufacturing, so things aren’t going to happen overnight. The next few years will be the time for businesses to watch and learn—and be prepared.

Companies will need to spend this time putting a strategy in place for the deployment of this technology with an ERP system that can support them every step of the way.

Learn more about the key drivers of traceability in process manufacturing, requirements, challenges, how IoT can be connected, cloud solutions and many more.




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